Our Meetings

If you are still in the Hospital, we're deeply sorry. Here's a guide you can reference immediately to help you navigate this confusing and difficult time: When Your Baby Has Died

Additionally there is a non-profit called "A Mom's Peace" that discretely supports families with bereavement, burial, and remembrance assistance. They serve all families, regardless of income or religious beliefs.

Our meeting is for those who had a loss recently, a long time ago, or somewhere in between. Our meeting has been in the same location, on the same recurring schedule for almost 40 years. There's no need to ask if we're meeting: We almost certainly are. Only in cases of extreme weather or a global pandemic would we cancel (and that's only happened once for each scenario). You can confirm the meeting date on our calendar of events, or by looking in the footer of each page on our website.

  • Our meetings are a safe place. We are non-denominational, and not religiously affiliated. We emphasize the principle that we do not judge other people's experiences, or the decisions they made during their loss.
  • Our next meeting is: ET -Until further notice our meeting will be held online. Attendees need to register (each month) to attend.
  • Sign up to attend

    Worried about technology or unfamiliar with online meetings? Don't worry--when you sign up, we'll walk you through what you need to know; and log in a few minutes early so that we can help you work out any kinks. The software is free.