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You can reach us by dropping in for our monthly support meeting (no RSVP needed), or email us:

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Maria Robles is our point of contact for Spanish speaking families. Please reach out to her directly, if Spanish is your primary language.
Maria Robles: (703) 326-9262

It's not always the bereaved parent that contacts the group.

Sometimes it's a friend, relative, or care provider who makes the initial contact on behalf of the parent. Often, a parent in grief doesn't have the energy to do it. You can see our monthly meeting schedule on our calendar (Look for: "MISShare Monthly Support Group Meeting - Falls Church") The next meeting is always listed in the footer, at bottom of every page on our webiste.

The meeting leaders include:

  • Donna Gavin
  • Donna Matz
  • Jeff Carr
  • Andy Gillette
  • Our meetings are led by parents, not by a therapist. That said, we do have support from our clinical coordinator Terri Adams, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Terri specializes in counseling for women and couples facing the challenges of perinatal loss, stillbirth and/or miscarriage.

    Having sustained a significant loss, grieving is a normal part of the healing process. The ordinary stages of grief are: shock and denial, anger, depression, and eventual integration. The duration and order of each stage varies from one person to another. For many, speaking with a professional can be a source of immense support. However, if you have feelings of hopelessness that persist, you should seek the support of a professional therapist. Here's a list of professionals in Maryland/Virginia/D.C., including some questions you may wish to ask when selecting a therapist.