M iscarriage
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Remembering Our Babies:


You can reach us by dropping in for our monthly support meeting (no RSVP needed), or email us:

Email: support@misshare.org

Maria Robles is our point of contact for Spanish speaking families. Please reach out to her directly, if Spanish is your primary language.

Maria Robles: (703) 326-9262

It's not always the bereaved parent that makes the contact. Sometimes it's a friend, relative, or care provider who makes the initial contact on behalf of the parent. You can see our monthly meeting schedule on our calendar (Look for: "MISShare Monthly Support Group Meeting - Falls Church")

Meeting Leaders include:

Donna Gavin
Donna Matz

Our meetings are led by parents, not by a therapist. That said, we do have support from our clinical coordinator Terri Adams, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Terri specializes in Counseling for Women and Couples Facing the Challenges of Perinatal Loss, Stillbirth and/or Miscarriage.

Having sustained a significant loss, grieving is a normal part of the healing process. The ordinary stages of grief are: shock and denial, anger, depression, and eventual integration. The duration and order of each stage varies from one person to another. However, if feelings of hopelessness persist, you may wish the support of a professional therapist. Here's a list of professionals in Maryland/Virginia/D.C., including some questions you may wish to ask when selecting a therapist.